Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Thyroid dysfunction is the abnormal production of thyroid hormones from your thyroid gland. Overproduction is called hyperthyroidism and underproduction is called hypothyroidism. Although symptoms may be unpleasant, thyroid dysfunction can be treated.

Depending on the diagnosis from your physician, treatment can range from replacement thyroid (for hypothyroidism) or anti-thyroid (for hyperthyroidism) medication to surgery. Thyroid Replacement Therapy is specifically used in hypothyroidism conditions by using thyroid medications to replace the thyroid hormone lacking from your body.

A normal functioning thyroid gland secrets two types of thyroid hormones: Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3). T4 is the in-active form of thyroid hormone that is converted into the active form, T3. In Thyroid Replacement Therapy, medications of T4, T3, or a combination of the two are used. Your physician may prescribe a commercially available FDA approved drug or a compounded medication.

The following are examples when a compounded thyroid medication may benefit you:

  • Different strength of T3 or T4 that is not available commercially available
  • Different combination of T3 and T4 that are not commercially available
  • Dye-free thyroid medication

Our thyroid is obtained through FDA-registered facilities in order for us produce the highest quality compounded thyroid medication for you. To obtain a compounded thyroid medication, a prescription will be required from your physician. Our pharmacists will work closely with you and your physician to prepare the right balance of thyroid medication needed for your body.

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