Quality Systems Engineers

Quality Systems Department and Engineers

Our Quality Systems Department works independently of the pharmacists and reports directly to the President and Chief Executive Officer. This department is tasked to work with the pharmacists to "engineer" policy and procedures to assure the facility, equipment and personnel meet the demanding standards set forth by senior management. Currently, we have over 200 released and active policy and procedure documents.

Our Quality Systems Engineers (QSE) are the "watchdogs" of the compounding pharmacy. All of our QSE staff are engineers with bioscience or Quality Systems background who work independently to assure the Quality Systems created by the pharmacists, technicians, and QSE engineers, are working properly. Our QSE staff is also in charge of facility wide training and keeps statistical records to assure only the best products are created in our compounding pharmacy.

Additionally, our Quality Systems Department also operates our microbiology and chemistry departments where environmental and product testing is performed to assure our facility and products meet all quality attributes.