Pharmacy Technicians

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Technicians

Many compounded products are prepared by licensed pharmacy technicians at McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. Our pharmacy technicians prepare these compounds under the direct supervision of a pharmacist and each step in the compounding process is reviewed and approved by a pharmacist.

Best Pharmacy Technicians in the Business

You can be assured that McGuff compounding pharmacy has the best pharmacy technicians available. To provide consistent high quality products for you, our pharmacy technicians undergo rigorous training in quality systems procedures and compounding.

  • All McGuff compounding pharmacy technicians are licensed by the California State Board of Pharmacy.
  • Each pharmacy technician receives extensive training in non-sterile and sterile compounding. This rigorous training requires each pharmacy technician to pass written and practical examinations.
  • In order to fill vials of injectables, each pharmacy technician must be certified by our Quality Systems Department. Certification requires that the pharmacy technician successfully perform an extensive media fill initially and then successfully perform media fills every six months.
  • Starting on the first day of employment, each pharmacy technician is trained on each and every task they perform. Training consists of reading the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for a particular activity followed by hands-on training.
  • Documenting the understanding and completion of this training is maintained in a training record that is signed by the pharmacy technician and their supervisor.
  • All pharmacy technicians are required to review and be retrained on all SOPs at least annually.

Beyond education and training, McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. requires that the daily performance of our pharmacy technician be measured.

McGuff's Quality Systems insure that our pharmacy technicians can compound the high quality products demanded by our customers and by McGuff Management.