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Throughout the years, McGuff compounding pharmacy has worked diligently to acquire our present reputation as a provider of quality service and customized medications. The testimonials below reflect the experiences of the people who have chosen to write to ust. Please feel free to share your experience (good or bad) with us.

"Our child has been dependent on Parenteral (IV) Nutrition for 12 years. As this can tax the liver, our pediatrician wanted to prescribe IV Lipoic Acid for several years. We were reluctant because our child has a central venous catheter placed in the vein above their heart for the delivery of the IV nutrition. This puts our child at great risk for infection and potentially life threatening complications. In 2008, we were shocked when a liver biopsy revealed Stage 3 of 4 liver fibrosis and Level 2 fatty liver. Finally, we took seriously the prescription for IV Lipoic Acid.

There were a number of potential suppliers. We were terrified to use any of them. At the recommendation of our child's MD, we decided McGuff was the best choice. Still, given the need for absolute sterility, and wanting to take all necessary precautions, we had our expert TPN pharmacy team interview McGuff. They were impressed and agreed this was the safest choice.

4 years later, we have infused McGuff's IV Alpha Lipoic Acid thru our child's 11-year-old central venous catheter weekly without a single issue. Now more than 200 infusions later, we can say without a doubt this is the single best therapy we have ever used. Not only have the weekly IV Alpha Lipoic Acid infusions changed our child's life, but they have changed *entirely* the life of our family. 8 years of TPN related nausea, lack of appetite and poor skin pallor are now history.

Thank you McGuff for providing this essential product with the required sterility and safety we need. For all those families facing the enormous physical, emotional, and financial burden of liver transplant, we pray they will find you and this product."

God Bless,

- Linda Garcia
An 11-year TPN family (UCLA)

"I just want to thank one of your pharmicist. Clay Hammett put up with numerous phone calls from me and my doctor last week. We both had numerous questions and Clay was extremely patient and helpful. I was very impressed with his knowledge and excellent customer service. He made a lifetime customer out of me! He is a very nice guy and gives the time necessary to people that have health problems and need help. That is very rare these days. I'm very grateful to him for his kindness and compassion.

I want to say "Thanks Clay"! I will be placing many orders in the future."

Thank you,

- Mark Gunther
"Dear Glenn,

Dr. Rachelle Forsberg prescribes glutathione treatment and highly recommends and utilizes your pharmacy. My experiences with your company have always been professional, courteous, and prompt.But recently, Rich and Gloria went above and beyond to help me and accommodate an unusual situation.

Dr. Forsberg communicated with Rich a few months ago and he remembered the circumstances when I called this week to discuss the situation. He politely and quickly followed through with the plan and worked diligently to contact my doctor for a change in Rx. He was my advocate both with the company and my doctor, please express my gratitude for his exemplary service.

Yesterday, Gloria went out of her way to ensure I had my medication today! She personally made sure it got packaged and in the overnight shipping queue. This was extremely helpful because there was a blizzard in Denver today and I am not sure regular delivery would have gotten it to me by Monday with the delays. I had explained to her that I was leaving town on Tuesday, she was so compassionate and went out of her way to accommodate. Express my gratitude to her as well.

Thank-you for your customer service and assistance in meeting my health needs."

- Linda Doran
"Dear Elaine,

Everyone at McGuff is simply wonderful (Gilbert, Clay, and everyone in customer service)! I can't thank all of you enough for your professional service and great attitudes!!! Special compounded medicines have been a life saver for me in battling autoimmune conditions and accompanying symptoms. I highly recommend your compounding pharmacy to those who need more than just "traditional" mass produced pharmaceuticals.

- Jamey Lacy-July - Author of A Husband, A Wife, & An Illness; Living Life Beyond Chronic Illness.
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and help in getting the injectable B complex to me in such a hurry last Friday. The night before I had been diagnosed with a very rare type of genetic B vitamin deficiency that was causing potentially fatal heart and neurological problems. The deficiency can only be corrected with daily B complex injections. My joy at FINALLY being diagnosed was immediately tempered by the fact that we couldn't find ANY injectable B complex in area pharmacies or hospitals and my doctor had used her last dose on me because even HER source was on backorder. Thanks to your help, UPS delivered it to my door at 8:30 AM Saturday morning. I will always remember your kindness to me and hope that special people are there for you in your life when you need them."

- Anita Brandon, Wrightsville, PA
"Thank you so very much for the great help you have been to my dear friend Kenneth Clark. This 90 year old person has out lived about all his loved ones. It is with the help of wonderful people like you that he is able to survive on his own."

- Jude Fleshman
"Thank you so much for your timely response. I am happy to find that e-mail doesn't go to some unmonitored mailbox, and that I can actually get a timely reply! Your customer service is wonderful..."

- Melody Stancil
"I love McGuff. Their caring professionals changed the quality of my life."
- Delaney, Irvine CA
"My McGuff Pharmacists worked with my doctor to give me my life back."
- Betty S. Newport Beach, CA
"My McGuff Pharmacist is my angel."

- Barbara T. Buffalo, NY
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore your pharmacy. I learned a lot and enjoyed my experience here. Your compounding pharmacy is very impressive – it's reassuring to know that there are so many checks and stops out into making a compounded product. Again, thank you."

- Thuy
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