Clay Hammett, Pharm.D.

Clay Hammett, Pharm.D.

Compounding Pharmacist & Treatment Specialist

Clay has a natural ability to communicate with physicians and patients in a professional and caring manner. He prides himself on being able to draw knowledge from an extensive background in clinical and compounding pharmacy to provide innovative solutions to clinicians and their patients. In addition to providing individual consultations, Clay formulates custom solutions to address a patient’s unique history and health concerns. In so doing, Clay is able to form a true partnership with clinicians and their patients enabling all to work as a team to assure the best patient outcome.

Clay works patiently and with great empathy to find answers for patients; he uses kindness and understanding to improve patient morale which may be at a low point. All patients are unique and Clay tries to give each patient the tools they need to understand the proper administration of their compounded or commercial medication, how their medications fit into the therapeutic regimen provided by the clinician and how the patient can improve his or her own outcome. Clay can help provide these tools by coordinating the resources of the McGuff Compounding Pharmacy to meet the needs and expectations of each patient.

Clinicians find Clay to be a great source of information. By utilizing his knowledge combined with the knowledge gained by having daily conversations with clinicians all over the United States he is able to provide information on the latest medications and treatment regimens. He can even provide practical suggestions on how to market a practice based on his conversations with others who have been successful. Clay has always said, “When the clinicians who work with McGuff Compounding Pharmacy flourish and prosper, we do too”. Call Clay to discuss important ways of how you can get-the-word-out about your practice.

Clay is also the pharmacist to call for questions about hormones, pain formulations, dermatology, vaginal/rectal pain issues, dentistry problems, or any area that requires a non-sterile compounding solution. Whether he is in the office or the field, his utmost concern is always for your patient’s care.

Education Summary:
Pharm.D., University of Southern California
B.S., Biology, University Of California, Irvine

Specialized Training:
Sterile and Non-Sterile Drug Compounding
Code of Federal Regulations Part 21 cGMP
Research and Product Development