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Improving Lives with Customized Medications and Quality Care

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. has served physicians and patients since 1999. We have established ourselves as a well respected partner and leader in the pharmaceutical compounding industry. .

We provide high quality, cost-effective, customized compounded drug formulations of medications that are not available from a pharmaceutical drug company. We have produced a wide range of unique compounded medications, including but not limited to:

Compounded Medications

Injectable Medications
- Intravenous Drugs (I.V.)
- Intramuscular Drugs (I.M.)
- Subcutaneous (S.C. or S.Q.)
- Preservative-Free Formulations

Oral Medications
- Capsules
- Suspensions
- Solutions
- Sugar-Free Formulations
- Dye-Free Formulations
- Lactose-Free Formulations

Sublingual Medications
- Suspensions
- Troches
- Solutions

Whether you are looking for a cream for Hormone Replacement Therapy, an injection for Chelation Therapy, or other compounded medications, our team of experts is ready to help you with your compounding needs.


Patient with Compounded Medication
  • Our compounded medications are made just for you after having received a prescription from your physician.
  • Our compounded medications are competitively priced.
  • Our knowledgeable Pharmacists are available for patient consultations.
  • Our Patient Care Representatives are caring and efficient.
  • Our compounded medications can be shipped throughout the United States.

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Physicians Who Prescribe Compounded Drugs
  • We compound medications to be administered or used in your office, as permitted by state law.
  • We are able to help create new formulations based upon your patient's needs.
  • We are compliant with the United States Pharmacopeia Chapters <795> and <797>.
  • We price our compounded medications to provide exceptional value.
  • We have Pharmacists available to provide physician support such as drug information, consultations, and more.

Learn how compounding and McGuff Compounding Pharmacy's quality can improve patient compliance and outcome.

Clinical Trials

Compounding Pharmacy that handles Clinical Trials
  • We can assist organizations seeking drug approval through the Investigational New Drug application (IND) or New Drug Application (NDA) process.
  • We are compliant with United States Pharmacopeia Chapters <795> and <797>.
  • We can assist you to design and custom compound or manufacture active and placebo drug dosage forms.
  • We can assist you with process validation.
  • We can validate testing methodology.

Learn more about our clinical trial services.

We are dedicated to improving lives with the art and science of pharmaceutical compounding. It is our experience, expertise, dedication and our willingness to help you that makes McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. superior to others. Find out how our high quality products and exceptional customer care can benefit your specific compounding needs.

Our mission is to improve the quality of health by maintaining our uncompromising passion for quality pharmaceuticals and customer satisfaction.

Do not see what you are looking for? Ask one of our pharmacists, or call us at (877) 444-1133. We are here to help!

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