Personalized Medication

Compounded Medication is Personalized Therapy

You are no longer limited to prescribing "standard medicine"…thanks to pharmacy compounding! Compounded medications are individualized therapy that allows you to have the flexibility of prescribing the right strength, route of administration, and combination of active ingredients. Compounding permits you to develop new medications for your patient's specific needs1.

Examples of how you can customize a compounded medication include:

  • Prescribing strengths that are not commercially available
  • Eliminating an ingredient that the patient may not be able to tolerate
  • Converting an oral medication to a topical cream in order to bypass first-pass metabolism
  • Combining two or more ingredients into one convenient dosage form

As a physician, you should always consider compounding commercially available (manufactured) drugs first when determining drug therapy for your patients. However, when commercially available drugs are not appropriate or not available compounded medications may provide additional opportunities for treatment. This may improve your patient’s health and enhance your practice. Compounded medications may be used to:

  • Improve patient compliance by providing a medication designed for the individual patient
  • Limit dosage strengths
  • Expand limited dosage strengths that are commercially available
  • Expand limited dosage forms that are commercially available
  • Provide a discontinued drug
  • Provide a drug that is temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer
  • Provide drugs for clinical studies

Patient Consultation

The pharmacists at McGuff compounding pharmacy counsel patients regarding their medications.

  • We will inform your patients that they are receiving a compounded medication prescribed by you.
  • We will consult them about the use of the medication, directions for use, side effects, storage, and answer questions that they may have.
  • Your patients are valuable, and we will take care of them.

Give us a call at (877) 444-1133 and talk with a pharmacists for all of your compounding needs.