Peer Reviews of McGuff Compounding Pharmacy

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy has become a noted member of the professional community and has been recognized for our business acumen, pharmaceutical expertise and facility design. Please read the following quotations from leading publications and academia:

International Journal of Compounding Pharmacy

International Journal of Compounding Pharmacy - Circulation 7,000

"McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services and McGuff Pharmaceuticals have always maintained a positive relationship with the FDA. Early in the planning stages for each of the new companies, management sought and received FDA input and guidance to ensure compliance with federal regulations. "We have always worked closely with the FDA staff" said Blair. "Rather than being uncomfortable with their interest, we welcome their ongoing inspections and their efforts to protect public health. We want to learn from them, and we’re always interested in identifying areas that need improvement. We supply the FDA with as much [control and process] information as we can, and have carefully documented procedures for doing so."

News-Line for Pharmacists

NEWS-Line for Pharmacists - Circulation 8,500

"At McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. (MCPS) in Santa Ana, California, William Blair, PharmD, MBA, is at the center of operations-literally. His office is built right in the middle of the facility with windows looking out over every aspect of operations, from the production to the development of all of the pharmacy's products. It’s a design that allows Blair, the director of pharmacy services at MCPS, to keep tabs on everything that is going on at the facility."

CleanRooms Magazine

CleanRooms Magazine - Circulation 34,000

"One of the best examples of a well designed and built cleanroom environment is at McGuff Compounding Pharmacy. I recently had the opportunity to tour their facility, and it is nearly impeccable… "One of the key elements," according to Damon, [Damon Jones, MBA, Vice President of Operations, McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc.] "Was the placement of equipment to maximize process efficiency while minimizing possible turbulence in the airflow." To reduce the possibility of cross-contamination in the more critical environments, McGuff used the "single pass" method of providing conditioned air to the controlled environment(s)."