IV Therapy and Chelation

Chelation Therapy

If you are searching for chelation medications and supplies, look no further. McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. is your answer. Our pharmacy has been compounding both oral and injectable chelation drugs for many years.

Why choose McGuff for your Chelation Therapy Needs

  • Our pharmacists continuously expand their knowledge in chelation therapy care
  • Our pharmacy is up-to-date with current standards and has modern equipment to compound the highest quality preparations
  • Our sterile injectables are available in preservative-free formulations as well as being available in multiple dose containers (with preservatives)
  • Our raw materials are obtained from FDA-registered facilities

In order to administer Chelation Therapy, calculating EDTA dosage and osmolarity of the I.V. solutions can be time consuming. That is why McGuff offers an EDTA Dosage and Osmolarity Calculating Software that is fast, simple, and reliable and is used to determine dosage and osmolarity. This software was created by McGuff and is available for purchase.

Chelation medications and supplies may be shipped to your office (depending on your state's law) or to your patients with a prescription.

Contact our pharmacy at 877-444-1133 with inquiries.