Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Thyroid dysfunction affects many people, but it can be easily treated with thyroid replacement medications. There are safety concerns to consider such as the patient taking too much or too little of the replacement drug that can result in unwanted symptoms.

There are many commercially available thyroid medications on the market; however, not all patients will respond appropriately to conventional treatments due to:

  • Limited dosage strengths
  • Limited dosage forms
  • Thyroid drug shortages
  • Brand and generic non-equivalence
  • Batch variability with desiccated thyroid
  • Pharmacodynamic variability
  • Inert ingredients sensitivity

Compounded thyroid medications from McGuff compounding pharmacy can address concerns because:

  • We can formulate strengths in T3 and T4 combinations that are not commercially available
  • We stress accuracy and precision when formulating thyroid medications to minimize dosage variability
  • We can compound thyroid medications when there is a manufacturer’s backorder
  • We can eliminate ingredients that patients may react to adversely (such as dye-free capsules)

Our thyroid raw material is obtained from FDA-registered facilities. Give us a call at 877-444-1133 to discuss questions regarding compounded thyroid medications.

Give us a call at (877) 444-1133 – we are here to answer questions that you may have.