Dosage Forms

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. – Products

We have produced a wide range of compounded products ranging from topical creams for Hormone Replacement Therapy to sterile injectables for Intravenous Therapies. With our modern equipment and technology, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality compounded products.

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. compounds various dosage forms including:

Compounded Medications

Injectable Medications
- Intravenous Drugs (I.V.)
- Intramuscular Drugs (I.M.)
- Subcutaneous (S.C. or S.Q.)
- Preservative-Free Formulations

Oral Medications
- Capsules
- Suspensions
- Solutions
- Sugar-Free Formulations
- Dye-Free Formulations
- Lactose-Free Formulations

Sublingual Medications
- Suspensions
- Troches
- Solutions

If you do not see a desired category or have any questions about a category, please contact us or give us a call at (877) 444-1133.