IV Vitamin Replacement Therapy, Mineral Replacement Therapy

Vitamin / Mineral Replacement IV Therapy

There are few commercially available (manufactured) vitamin and mineral injectable drugs available today. These drugs should always be considered first for patient drug therapy. Some of these injectables may not be usable due to patient sensitivities to a preservative or to an individual component of the drug. Some patients may need dosage forms or strengths that are not available. McGuff compounding pharmacy can fill the needs of these patients.

Some of the benefits of compunded vitamin and mineral injectables include:

  • Preservative-free injectables
  • Multi-dose injectables
  • Single-dose injectables
  • Strengths that are not commercially available
  • Custom combinations of vitamins and minerals

The medication of compounded sterile injectables requires the highest level of attention by the pharmacist and quality assurance engineers. Providing safe and accurate sterile injectable compounds is of utmost importance. We excel at compounding these products.

  • We have a sterile compounding license as required by the California Board of Pharmacy (License 99004)
  • We are compliant with USP Chapter <797>
  • We have a state-of-the-art facility and modern equipment
  • We have proper gowning anterooms and class 100 cleanrooms
  • We require our pharmacists and technicians to undergo extensive sterile compounding training

Contact our pharmacists at 877-444-1133 to discuss existing formulations or to request a new formulation. We are here to help you with your compounding needs.